Building a world that promotes social cohesion and equal opportunities for rewarding work for all! Team4Job offers a 6-month mentoring program putting job seekers (mentees) in contact with a professionally active person (mentor) to boost their job search. Together they form a duo that meets at least twice a month at the mentor’s place of work. The goal is to share the mentor’s experience, network, and knowledge of the workplace for the benefit of the mentee.

Since the launch of the pilot project in 2016, T4J has already created nearly 900 pairs and has recorded a positive exit rate of 65% within 6 months of mentoring. More concretely, this represents 370 jobs landed, 80 trainings or restarting of studies and 30 business creations! Throughout the 6 months of mentoring, T4J provides mentees and mentors with workshops and trainings to strengthen the effectiveness and quality of the mentoring program.

The workshops for mentors aim to continuously train them in their role. They also encourage exchanges and increase the opportunities linked to each other’s networks. The workshops for mentees aim to support them in their job search by helping them develop a better knowledge of themselves as well as new skills such as assertiveness and stress management.

Semlex For Education & Team4Job

One of the great difficulties encountered by our mentees during their job search is a lack of self-confidence. Indeed, after an inconclusive job interview or several CVs sent without receiving a response in return, self-confidence is often put to the test and we question our capabilities. However, it is essential for the job seeker to maintain confidence at its highest level to ensure all the chances for success are on his/her side to find a job! Thanks to the support of Semlex, T4J creates and integrates into its support program for job seekers, workshops dedicated to self-knowledge in order to help mentees mobilize their best resources.

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