EnneaBoost dreams of offering all young people between the ages of 16 and 25 the keys to their motivations. The goal is to help them make solid choices in order to find their place in the world of tomorrow. The Enneagram is a deep personality model that allows us to see ourselves functioning, to better understand and accept ourselves. This incredibly powerful model is the basis of the approach. But beyond that, EnneaBoost offers young people an effective and innovative system, which combines several models and approaches. The pedagogy is active, light and empowering. Young people are encouraged to become aware of their motivations, to discover their intrinsic potential, to project themselves into the future and to make fulfilling life choices.

EnneaBoost is a very young association (October 2019) but it is based on the expertise and experience acquired within the Halin Premont Ennneagram Institute. Indeed, the coaches have been solidly trained there and have been working in a network since 2017 to offer the ‘project the films of my career’ method throughout the FWB. More than 1000 young people have already been coached since then. EnneaBoost also organizes interactive conferences for parents and young people. The aim is to help them to open a dialogue about orientation and to ask themselves the right questions.

Semlex For Education & EnneaBoost

Semlex For Education has played a decisive role in the development of EnneaBoost. Semlex For Education provided the initial impetus that allowed us to raise the funds to hire a part-time coordinator. The young people need help to project themselves into the future. The needs are great. The demands are there. Partnerships need to be developed with schools, but also with AMO, SAS and other youth organizations.

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