Teach for Belgium

Teach for Belgium has the dream that “One day, all students will have equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their socio-economical background.” To achieve this vision, Teach for Belgium, an NGO created in 2013, attracts, selects, trains and supports people committed to teach in the most disadvantaged schools in the country.

Over the past 7 years, the organisation already trained 279 motivated teachers, reaching 75,000 students from over 100 different schools in Belgium. In collaboration with its community of alumni and educational partners, the organisation collects and spreads efficient practices, concrete tools and mindsets that improve learning outcomes, support positive relationships in education and increase resilience for both students and educational teams.

Teach for Belgium is also part of the global network Teach for All, which is active in 59 other countries worldwide and is supported by several public and private partners.
To know about Teach for Belgium and its leadership development programme, have a look at www.teachforbelgium.org

Student’s experiences are an important part of Teach for Belgium’s awareness spreading strategy. When advocating for equal educational rights, Teach for Belgium wants to give the opportunity to the students to share their valuable experience and their view on the impact of teachers. It is only by understanding the beneficiaries that it is possible to truly have an impact and enable systemic change.

To gather student experiences and make voices of young people in the education system heard, Teach for Belgium is launching the series #Impactstories. Thanks to the support of Semlex For Education, Teach for Belgium will collect these voices and expand their reach by creating a series of videos that will be used on all of our social media platforms and website.  These video’s will show the importance of good teachers and their impact on a student’s life.  And hopefully these videos will also inspire some great people to become a teacher!

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