St Jean Fondation

The St Jean Foundation was founded in 1991 to assist in the reintegration of young children hospitalized in the Children’s Psychiatric Ward at the Clinic St Jean, located in the heart of Brussels. Medical and welfare assistance is also offered to elderly, homeless, handicapped or other underprivileged people who cannot afford basic care.

It has two major objectives: actions in favor of young children in deep psychological distress and the help for underprivileged. The first one consists in allowing the participation of several children, psychologically affected and hospitalized in the child psychiatric unit of the Saint-Jean Clinic, in activities in order to support their medical therapy. Here are some examples of activities already organized for these children: horse riding, painting, pottery and music workshops. In addition to these activities, the Foundation also organizes outings such as visits to a farm, an animal park or the sea. The second objective is to take care of about thirty people who do not have the financial means to benefit from basic medical care.

Sharing the same values as the St. John’s Foundation, Semlex For Education has decided to lend its support in the hope of bringing a maximum of smiles to these children in difficult situations.

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