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Water is at the heart of sustainable socio-economic development. Water resources, and the range of services they can provide, contribute to poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Water collection and school absenteeism

In developing countries, the lack of access to clean water has consequences on the education of children. First of all, diseases linked to contaminated water are an important cause of school absenteeism.

Secondly, the collection of water, which can take several hours each day, is an additional factor affecting children’s education. The girls, who are most often responsible for this task, must travel long distances to the water point, forcing them to miss school.

A significant return on investment

Investments in water and sanitation contribute to economic growth. For every $1 invested, the World Health Organization estimates that the return on investment varies from $3 to $34 depending on the region and the technology. This is why, in collaboration with Estia Synergie and Sotrad Water, Semlex4Education has financed 100% of the installation of a solar water pumping and treatment station in the Comoros.

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