On January 20 and 21, 2022, Semlex For Education participated with Semlex employees in the “Discovering the Enneagram” training course organized by Halin Prémont Enneagram Institute. During these two days, the main objective was to allow us to get to know each other better and to communicate better.

The Enneagram is a personality model that describes nine personality types. Each profile has a specific motivation and associated fear that produces behaviors, personality traits, and emotions. It is therefore a tool that offers a process of self-discovery of our personality (natural qualities and weaknesses).

This system helps not only to know yourself better, but also to better understand others. It is for this reason that this training can be given to several different groups while adapting to the public present. The Institute offers four types of training: personal development, professional training, business support and youth guidance.

Before the training, the participants carry out a questionnaire, scientifically validated HPEI, and the results are given at the end of the first day of the seminar.

Semlex For Education recommends this training if you want to get to know yourself better and better understand your surroundings and your co-workers.

Interested in the enneagram? Do not hesitate to consult their website: https://enneagram.be/

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