Thanks to the support of Semlex, our Semlex For Education Foundation helps several projects in the field of education: EnneaBoost, Team4Job, Teach For Belgium, Fondation Mbeka, B2Help, Semlex Comores, HuNeeds and Semlex Ivory Coast.

Today, we discover the Caritas of Saint-Joseph Artisan Parish, located in the commune of Koumassi (Abidjan), which is a non-profit organization that provides special assistance to the poor in various aspects of daily life. It identifies the needs of poor families and needy communities within the commune of Koumassi in order to appeal for donations to the location of the identified beneficiaries. It is with this in mind that they launched the operation 5,000 school kits for the education of children at the start of the school year 2021-2022.

They help children according to the volume of collections over a specific period. In terms of education, the Parish takes care of the distribution of school supplies, the renovation of classrooms, the payment of school fees for children from poor families. They also offer remediation lessons to children of different classes.

On November 30, 2021, with Semlex Ivory Coast, Semlex For Education had the pleasure of distributing school kits to the Caritas of Saint-Joseph Artisan Parish. This meeting took place in the presence of three Semlex Ivory Coast employees: Favier Kouame (PCA), Assi Willis (Purchasing Manager) and Nolwenn Kouassi (Assistant General Manager). The officials of the beneficiary institution did not hide their joy at receiving this help from Semlex For Education.

Below, discover in pictures our meeting with the Caritas of Saint-Joseph Artisan Parish:




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