“Together, let’s help young people project themselves into a motivating, meaningful future!”


Our partner EnneaBoost is an association that introduces everyone to the enneagram model. It is a personality model “which gives the young person himself, from the knowledge of his deep motivations, the keys to understanding his choice process” [1].

Today, we relay the ASBL’s request for support by participating in its annual fundraising.

Supporting EnneaBoost means helping to give young people the keys to their future.

  • By paying €25, you offer 1 half-day workshop to a 16-year-old
  • By paying €50, you offer a ½ day “Self-knowledge” workshop to a 17-year-old
  • By paying €100, you offer 1 day of “Orientation” workshop to a young 18-year-old or a young school dropout

How to make your donation? By making a payment via this secure page: https://projets.enneaboost.be/

For more information: www.enneaboost.be

On behalf of EnneaBoost, thank you.


Source :

[1] EnneaBoost (2022). Accueil. Available here https://enneaboost.be/

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