Semlex projects being carried out in close collaboration with the States for many years, a link that goes beyond the professional framework is naturally created. This is why Semlex has often been involved in out-of-scope projects when carrying out its contracts. From financing primary classes to supporting professional educational projects, Semlex has always had a real interest in education.

In March 2021, Semlex decided to create a foundation to expand its impact by creating a platform for its existing and future projects with the aim of creating synergies between all its Semlex For Education partners.

Since then, several promising educational projects have been funded and operational and logistical monitoring has been put in place. Today, we have 10 projects and associations: EnneaBoost, Team4Job, Teach for Belgium, Mbeka Foundation, B2Help, Semlex Comoros, HuNeeds, Semlex Côte d’Ivoire, Saint-Jean Foundation and Afrodidact.

To learn more about our journey, watch this video below:

If you know of promising educational projects seeking funding, we invite you to contact us via this form:

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